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The Greatest Day of the Year

Opening day is here, and I have made a few observations.

    1. The Red Sox will have no problem scoring runs.
    2. The Reds are still too immature to win.
    3. Jason Heyward is the real deal.
    4. Following Ozzie Guillen on Twitter isn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be.
    5. Albert Pujols wastes no time making his case for his 3rd MVP in a row
    6. Kevin Youkilis is on pace for 162 triples.
    7. Jeff Samardzijojiozdjsoja should have stuck with football.

Jay-Hey has arrived

All things aside, here are a few (not so) bold predictions for the 2010 season

Jason Heyward wins NL ROY… And NL MVP. Sorry Albert, but this guy may end your streak this year. He is a legitimate 5-tool player that has as much discipline as he does talent. Look out, world.

The AL Central will NOT be a three team race. That’s because I see the Twins running away with it. They possess what I feel is the best lineup in the American league, and they may still have the best bullpen in their division even without Joe Nathan. They also have the best manager in their division with Ron Gardenhire.

Cliff Lee flops. Yup. I said it. This guy has a lot of pressure on him, and he’s already having problems. First was the suspension, then the nagging injuries. If he does have a good year, it will come after a rough first half.

Finally, The NL West will be the most exciting playoff race come September. The AL East, AL West and NL East should all have a good three team race. But what sets the NL West apart is the possibility of a four team race. The Dodgers are ready to win their third consecutive title, and we all know what the Rockies and Giants are capable of. But don’t forget about the Diamondbacks, who have perhaps the most dynamic athlete in the league (Yes, I’m talking about Justin Upton), as well as a much improved starting rotation.

A Few More

  • Angels win the AL West again (yawn)
  • B.J. Upton goes 30-30. You watch.
  • The Orioles will play .500 ball
  • So will the Pirates
  • Youkilis will not hit 162 triples. You heard it here first.
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  1. Andy
    April 6, 2010 at 2:12 am

    One glaring omission…You forgot to talk about how CC Sabathia is on pace to gain 162 pounds.

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