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Fans, Analysts Need to Let Go of 2008, Start Thinking About 2010

I lost a little bit of respect for Todd Kalas last night.

In his post-game interview, Kalas asked Rays third baseman Evan Longoria if this year’s team shows characteristics similar to the 2008 World Series club.

Kalas should know better than that.

But Longoria quickly responded, saying that the team is focused on 2010. You go, Evan. At least the players have the right idea.

That’s because athletes know how to live in the present. Of course, they want to get back to the World Series and repeat the magic they created in 2008, but they realize that was two seasons ago, and we need to do the same.

With that said, this year’s team looks really good, and the excitement is hard to ignore. They have two come from behind wins, and it seems like everyone is contributing (except Pat Burrell, of course). Their outstanding play in spring training added to the high hopes.

But it does get tiresome hearing analysts ask if the Rays can “get back to their 2008 form,” or if the Rays can execute in what may be their so-called “last chance to win,” suggesting that all hope will be lost once Crawford and Peña are gone.

The fact is, the team has not left that form. In 2008, no one had a career year. It was the group coming together night after night that created the magic. Last year, it was a problem of consistency. 2010 can be the the best year of the three.

Though we are only two games into the season, I can see a sense of urgency that I didn’t see last season. I can see the leadership. I can see that the team is ready to go all the way. That’s what was missing at the beginning of last season. Once the Rays started to get into a groove, it was too late.

The Rays have the young talent. But more than that, their young guys are quickly becoming leaders. This weekend will be their first test when the Yankees come to town. And with Saturday’s game to be televised nationally, they will have their first chance to show the country that they are for real.

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