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Rays New Look Is Badass, and Pat Burrell, He’s Just Bad

As the Rays took the field this past Sunday, they unveiled their newest new look.

As we all know, they came out with entirely new uniforms back in 2008 when they got rid of those dreadful vests as well as the “Devil” from their name. Last year marked the coming out of the navy blue jerseys that seemed to be a favorite among players.

But 2010 is a little different. This year, they came out with the light blue jerseys. It is extremely significant because the new color is unique to every other team in baseball. Not that I don’t like the dark blue, but since at least 8 other major league teams have navy blue jerseys, it can get a bit unoriginal.

There are a couple of other things I noticed on this first baseball weekend.

This team lacks resilience. After the Rays were nearly no-hit on Saturday, I expected them to bounce back and play hard on Sunday. They didn’t. Instead of using the previous game as motivation, they came out flat. And they were simply overmatched.

I know I said in a previous blog that I see a sense of urgency with this team. While I’m not ready to retract that statement just yet, I do feel like they have some tightening up to do. Some of Maddon’s bullpen decisions have been atrocious, and the timely hitting hasn’t been consistent so far.

Sean Rodriguez’s nerves. I’d hate to knock on this guy, mostly because I am one of his biggest fans. But anyone can tell that he just looks really stiff out there. His defense has been solid, but I have yet to see him look comfortable at the plate. S-Rod showed us all what he is capable of this spring, but look for Reid Brignac to start taking away some of Rodriguez’s at bats unless he starts making some adjustments.

Pat Burrell… Well, you know. Pat Burrell is a good guy, and it’s hard to watch him play the way he does. The worst part is that he is trying. But I’m not sure how much longer fans will be able to watch him turn fastballs down the middle into double play balls.

For his sake and ours, I hope he can turn it around, but thats not likely. A look at his career numbers will show that April and May are his best months, so it’s not a case of simply having a slow start. Unless he can show that he can still hit (on a consistent basis), the boos will only get louder.

Forecast. Now, the Rays are set to go on their first road trip of the season. After a mediocre first home stand, they need to get in gear. The four-game weekend series in Boston may be the most important one in April. A winning road trip will put them in good shape for the quick start they need to have.

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